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Blood Money

Crypto market bleeds when there is a massive sell off. Previous knowledge of the structure and meaning of life energy reveals that money is the life. Consequently, money made whenever the price of a cryptocurrency turns red is blood money because it is obtained at the cost of a life. Qi is the life, and […]

Tribe Token

The 144,000 children of Israel who made it into heaven are money since Tribe is a cryptocurrency and the Israelites are distributed among twelve tribes. There are twelve thousand Israelites in a tribe, according to the book of Revelation. I was told that the number of those who were marked with God’s seal on their […]

Gold-digging in the Kingdom of God

Anyone waiting for the kingdom of God to come on earth should know that the kingdom is money and the heir who has the legal right to possess the kingdom is a man who suddenly became extremely rich trading cryptocurrency. The kingdom is a puzzle and the money flowed from cryptocurrency exchange to the son […]

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